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We provide Varanasi Walking tour also in which one can enjoy & experience the City life of Varanasi. People from all over India reside in the old part of Varanasi and a tour through its narrow lanes is an adventure should not be missed. It is a land of various types of colour, smells & sounds. A combination of Tastes, Art & Culture of beautiful people set amongst an array of ancient architecture & carvings await you. It is in Varanasi that you will find all these aspects of India in absolute abundance. When passing through the residential areas, you will feel a sense of community all around you and this spirit exists in every neighbourhood.

If you chat with a local in Varanasi, you'll soon discover that the city is made up almost entirely of legends. In fact, it is impossible to figure out where myth ends and history begins. The river Ganges, the temples and the ghats are the sites of many mythological stories from the ancient Puranas, imbuing Varanasi with extraordinary sanctity. Apart from being a sacred Hindu tirtha (crossing-point or ford, literally a place where you cross over into the next world), Varanasi is sacred to Buddhists and Jains as well.

Alongside its religious aspects, the city has also been an important trading centre. Local arts and crafts have flourished here for centuries. It has been the birthplace of poetry, literature and music. It continues to be a leading centre of knowledge, and is home to several campuses imparting both traditional and modern education.

Come, let us explore the city of Shiva together - it is a journey, both for the body and the mind. There are walks,


On our walking tours, visitors can experience a wide range of activities and places in its many different areas. We have lots of different horizons to show our guests and each area is well known for its activities, species & specialties. Our walking tours are always theme-based walks – so let us take the opportunity to invite you to come walking with us.

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